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We are very excited to announce Crimson Day has signed a booking agreement with a prominent German booking agent REDLIONMUSIC! We are very much looking forward to working with Redlion to bring Crimson Day to venues across Europe, Scandinavia and the UK in the future. Be sure to keep an eye on our social media to learn about our future tours and shows all around Europe!

Second of all: We are now in the pre-production phase of our next release. Currently Crimson Day is doing demos and still writing new material. We are working with Hiili Hiilesmaa, a legendary music producer, to bring forth the best material to our listeners. After pre-production and demoing we will start the production of our next full album, which we are hoping to release either later this year or early 2020, provided we come to an agreement with a label. Stay tuned for news about our future releases!

And lastly: our next tour, Baltic Madness Tour, takes place March 28th to March 31st. The tour brings Crimson Day to Latvia and Lithuania for the first time, where we'll play shows at Jelgava, Alytus, Kaunas and Riga. Look up the event nearest to you and join us!

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We are a five piece heavy metal band from Tampere, Finland. This is our official website where you can find latest information of our releases, gigs and other activities. Welcome!

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