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AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS has been out for a couple of months now! If you haven’t already gotten your hands on the album, do it now! Also to help us out, go ahead and follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@crimson.day.band) and in Spotify.

The spring tour, nicknamed “At the Stages of Madness” is now finished! We had a great time and visited so many awesome places, met so many incredible people and drank so many beers! Thank you all who supported us by coming to our shows and buying our merchandise. We are now taking the summer off and returning to the stages in August. During the summer we hope to write a lot of great new material, start planning our next moves (European tour maybe?), and look for a label and a producer for the next album. The wheel keeps on turning…

To the point: We are currently looking for a booking agent to help us on our future tours and to take us to the next level. The person we are looking for is professional and motivated, and shows genuine interest to Crimson Day. Our goal is to go bigger, better and wider. In addition to Finnish venues, we want to expand our shows abroad, so the person we're looking for has experience in booking shows in Europe as well.

Crimson Day has been an active live band for its entire existence. In the last year we've achieved many milestones, such as our first foreign show in Berlin, and a full Finnish tour this winter/spring. Since our formation in 2013 we've played over 60 shows, half of those during the last two years. Until now we've booked our own shows with relatively good success, but to sell even more shows in different venues we need a person with the knowledge, time, resources and networks to make it happen. We strive to progress and growth as a band, and getting a professional booking agent to cooperate with us is a natural step in moving forward.

If interested, please contact us via Facebook or e-mail: crimsonday@crimsonday.com. Also, if you know someone who might be interested, please let them know.


With best regards, Crimson Day

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We are a five piece heavy metal band from Tampere, Finland. This is our official website where you can find latest information of our releases, gigs and other activities. Welcome!

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