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It’s drawing near…

Hi Y’all! So, the hour is drawing near: At the Mountains of Madness is released NEXT WEEK! It’s been quite a ride, looking back. Almost a year ago we started planning this album, now it’s finally almost here. I thought it’d be a good time to look back at all the things we went through to get this thing done.

My first blog post was on April, last year. We were in the middle of recording demo versions of the songs. As it turned out we didn’t have the time or energy to do demo versions of all the songs. As I recall, we hadn’t even fully rehearsed every single song until it was time to press the red button and record the damn thing once and for all. Nevertheless, doing demo tracks for most of the songs helped a lot on getting the feeling of what the songs were going to be. It also gave some insight on what the backing vocals could be and how to sing certain parts of certain songs. Time not wasted, that’s what I’m saying.

Then, we recorded the songs. The recording process was actually surprisingly painless. I guess that had a lot to do with the fact that we had a good grip on the songs and weren’t in a hurry. If you’ve read my blog in the past, you might recall that we were planning on releasing ATMOM in 2017. Well, that timetable went to hell quite nicely, but that always happens. We did the drums in four sessions over two weekends and that worked out very well. All the instruments with strings attached to them were recorded at Aris house by ourselves and that too went very well. If you have a clear idea about what you need to do and what you want to do, you don’t necessarily need to have the whole crew and a professional staring at you. There wasn’t a rush, so we kinda threw stuff around to see what sticks. That resulted in some quite cool things around the record. We even got our bass player to fingerpick on one occasion!

The vocals were done similarly to the drums, on four sessions over two weekends. I had a pretty good idea on what I wanted to do, but as you might know, that doesn’t always mean that’s what going to end up on the record. Jussi Kulomaa recorded the album and he is quite the wizard when it comes to vocals. We had a lot of fun and ended up with the best stuff I’ve ever done with my voice.

The hardest part for me, mentally, was the part after this. The waiting. Waiting for the first mixes, the final mixes, the mastered versions, the artwork, not knowing whether we’d have a label or do this independently (which we ended up doing), all that post-production stuff. Even as I write this, the process isn’t over. We still need to send the records all around for reviews, book gigs (if you’re interested, please give us a shout, the whole spring isn’t booked yet), make new merchandise and release the damn record! Now that it’s less than two weeks away I can say that this was a great experience. So, Crimson Days second album At the Mountains of Madness is out on January 19th. We’re celebrating this at Jack the Rooster, Tampere with our partners in crime All Rise, be sure to be there!

Stay tuned for information about our upcoming gigs and see you at the venues!

Greetings, Lassi


Singles and album post-production schemes

Hi there! It’s been a while (again), sorry for the wait. Here’s my fourth chapter about the upcoming record and what we’ve been up to these past weeks. Today I’m going to be talking a bit about At the Mountains of Madness and our next single! Yes, you heard (or is it read it? Whatever) here first: the next single by Crimson Day is going to be a song from the upcoming recording and it’s called….. drum roll…. more drum roll…. NIGHTWALKER.

Yeah, obviously you haven’t heard it yet, or might have if you’ve seen us live this year, we might have played it once or twice, but nonetheless, that’s what it is. We chose Nightwalker because it’s a straightforward, classic heavy metal song with a catchy chorus and great vibe. We think you’ll really like it. It has the same feeling I get when I listen to some of my favourite albums from the 80’s like Judas Priest or Iron Maiden.

Nightwalker is going to be released sometime in the near(ish) future with a music video, of which the process has been started. It’s going to be a story of a creature of the night hunting his prey, starring me, Lassi, Heli Rantala (whom you’ve already seen on My Last Rites) and someone we’ve yet to cast. We’re currently scouting locations and making a script. It’s still early days with the production but we’re kind of running a bit low on time so, heh, no stress. The video will be shot, directed and partly scripted by a good friend of mine, Pinja. We’re trying to achieve a kind of old-school, gothic, horror atmosphere. Think moonlight, blood, darkness, all the good stuff.

About the record, we’re still waiting for the first mix and then start looking for the right people to release it with, label wise. I’ve heard the raw versions of the songs (understatement, I’ve listened to them for a thousand times) and it’s going to be really, really good! I can’t wait.

A short one, this one. Stay tuned to hear from us and our news about At the Mountains of Madness and the Nightwalker-video. Also, we’re going to reveal the date of release soon so there’s that.

Greetings, Lassi



Sorry for the long wait everybody, things have been a bit hectic lately! It’s been over two months since my latest blog post, my apologies. Let’s dive right in! What’ve been up to? Well, we visited Berlin for starters. Now, I could write you a thousand words essay about that trip, what went right, what went wrong, etc etc. Overall the trip was a success, the gig we played at Blackland Bar was amazing and once we overcame the mandatory obstacles like not having a sound engineer present, we had a lot of fun. The audience was an absolute joy, we threw one of our best shows ever and had a lot of fun! Nevertheless, I cannot recommend driving that trip by yourself as we did. The driving really was a drag and next (and there will be a next time!) we’re either flying or hiring someone to drive us. All together it was a great experience.

There’s also the topic of our upcoming album, At the Mountains of Madness. There’s been some bumps in the road with our timetable and we’re now expecting a winter release for the record. Almost everything is now recorded, there’s just some backing vocals to be done and Ari is still doing some of his leads, but almost everything is in the can. Not long now until we can finally call it a wrap!

We’ve been doing vocals with Jussi here and there for a like, a month, now. The things we’ve come up with, oh man. When doing a record, a highly recommend having a producer who knows what he’s doing, like Jussi does. I had a pretty good idea of what I want the vocals to be like, but it ALWAYS helps to have a second set of ears who don’t have their own horse in the race, so to speak. We came up with fresh, new exciting ideas and things with the vocals a lot and I personally am very eager to hear them once they’re mixed. Now that I’ve been able to listen to the songs when singing I’m also confident that At the Mountains of Madness is going to blow everyone away. The song material is, in my opinion, a bit more mature than before without compromising the “balls-to-the-wall”-type of attitude Crimson Day has carried on since the beginning. We’ll continue with the vocal recordings part 5 next week, hopefully getting everything done. I’ll try to keep you posted on the post-production process as best as I can. There’s still much work to be done. Stay heavy people!

Greetings, Lassi


The Walls Are Closing In

To be honest, I really don’t have much to say at this point. We’ve passed the pre-production stage, more or less, and surprisingly also rehearsed all the coming songs for the record (again, more or less). Recording is scheduled to start next week, and I gotta say I’m a bit anxious to begin. Of course there’s some worry about the songs we’ve played less, or well, the one song we took a go at last week for the first time. Then again, I’m confident that Jussi is going to make sure the songs are pitch perfect as we record, so my worries might be in vain. Hope so, at least.

Now, what’s been going on since I last updated this abomination of a blog? Well, we’ve been in talks with our management firm, Fuel for Stage about the record, but nothing’s set in stone yet. We’ve been looking at our options of how to release the album, formats and that kind of stuff. We’ve been planning our trip to Germany, which is going nicely (we finally landed a car, omg), but that’s another topic on which I’m going to write about when the time is right. The release date for the record is still a bit foggy, as we’ve no clue yet who is going to release it, which formats it’s going to be released in, and how long the mixing and mastering is going to take. To be honest, we haven’t actually even thought about mastering a lot yet, so we’ll see. My lucky guess about the release date is somewhere around september, but everything can happen. These are things we obviously need to make decisions in, but right now we’re focusing on the tracks done. As I said, recording is scheduled to begin next week with drums by Tuomas. I’ll probably get more writing done once the process has started and there’s actually something to talk about. You’ll also be getting some photos from the sessions (beware!) and our social media is about to blow up, so be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram for all the fresh madness that we’re about to unleash (#ATMOM2017 remember that!).

Oh! We’re also waiting on the art from A.R Semaster, who drew Order of the Shadows as well, so I’m quite stoked about that. The title, At the Mountains of Madness, is such an awesome theme I really can’t wait what he’s prepared for us. So be sure to tune in on our social media pages next week and the weeks after that. I’ll also be writing the blog as we progress. Stay metal!

Greetings, Lassi


This is madness

So, you’ve tuned in to read my ramblings about making our sophomore album, At the Mountains of Madness (#ATMOM2017, #tldr)? Nice. As you will find out while reading these blogposts, I am not a sound engineer, nor am I a professional when it comes to, well, practically anything concerning album production. Actually, I’m not even an amateur level of a recording musician. So everything that you read are just my own notions and ideas, without any factual base, unless I’ve actually gone and done some research on the subject (haha you wish…). That being said, maybe during this time from here to the moment the album drops out, if you are a rookie like me you’ll learn a few things about album production like I hope I will. After all, this is my first ever full length album, so we’re in for a show people!

So, where are we now? Well, for starters, we’ve (obviously) picked a name for the album and the songs that are going to be included in it. The album will have 11 songs, and the runtime will be somewhere between 50-60 minutes, we’ll see. Right now we’re in the process of pre-production which means that we’re recording demo tracks of the songs. This first post is primarily about that process. So: demo tracks. Why? Couldn’t we just rehearse the songs and then go to studio and record them? Why go through the work of recording the songs if they’re never going to see the light of day? Well, a few things. First: recording a song is a great way to rehearse. You have to do multiple takes on the same songs and learn the whole thing from top to bottom. As a singer, doing demos of the songs is also a great opportunity to hone the melodies and especially backing vocals. We had some great ideas about the vocal arrangements while recording the new songs.

p> Second: it’s two different things to play a song and to listen to it. You never know what ideas pop into mind when listening to the recorded song. There may be some parts, riffs or melodies that need some tinkering with. You may come up with fresh new ideas how some things should go in the songs or what things are unnecessary. It’s far better to figure out these things before going into studio and paying for your time there and then come up with new ideas of your own. Of course, when in studio, you have a producer (who you should listen to, might I add), whose ideas are to be taken into consideration. But when the band is on the same page about the songs, it’s easier to start the recording process.

Also, recording stuff is also a great learning experience about how these things work. We had our fair share of problems (like the vocals popping and cracking without hardly ANY gain on the mic, what the f*ck was that about?) and overcoming them, kinda. You learn a thing or two about your equipment. As a singer, I learned some things about my vocal restrictions, and doing backing vocals we had some frustrating moments when I just couldn’t hit the rights notes. I had a feeling that Ari might come through the door and rain his wrath upon my ass after doing somewhat 20 takes on a backing vocal track of a song. Thankfully, he had the patience I think I might have not had.

Summa summarum: recording demos of your upcoming album is something you should definitely think about. It’s an important part of the pre-production process and prepares you to the final recording process. It’s also a great deal of fun, might I add. It’s my rant for today. The next post wil l be about something else,maybe about the things you need to consider when signing a record deal and something else, haven’t quite planned it yet. Remember to follow Crimson Days journey towards madness, you can find us in Facebook and Instagram. We’ll try to remember to tag all the things about the new album with the hashtag #ATMOM2017, so make sure to follow that one too. Have a nice one!

From Tampere with love, Lassi.