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Crimson Day announces new drummer!

Juhani Ikonen has been announced to be the new official member of the band. The talented drummer joined Crimson Day first as a session drummer to record the drums for the upcoming third album. After the rehearsals and recordings went so well, the band welcomed Juhani as a new official member.

"I was up for new winds to blow in my musical career and Crimson Day appeared just in the spot. I got invited to play the drums for the upcoming album. Crimson Day turned out to be very nice and professional group of cool guys and our sessions went so well that I ended up being assigned to the band's official roster." says Juhani Ikonen.

Juhani has been playing in multiple bands before. The bands vocalist Milka and the new drummer have also been playing together several years ago."It's awesome to get to play with Juhani again, he was certainly the best choice for Crimson Day". The recordings of the third album are currently ongoing, with the drums already recorded. The band is super excited to get back on stage soon with some new songs and a new drummer!

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