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Order of the Shadows

Murska-arviot (In Finnish, score 3,5/5)

Metalliluola (In Finnish, score 7,5/10)

Markus' Heavy Music Blog (In English, score 8/10)

Desibeli.net (In Finnish, score 3/5)

XXL-Rock (In German, score XL/XXL)

The Rocktologist (In English, score 17/20)

Metalhead.it (In Italian, score 7/10)

Metal Underground (In German, score 4/5)

Metal Zone (In Greek, score 70/100)

Metal To Infinity (In English, score 83/100)

Iyezine (In Italian, score 7,5/10)

Kaaoszine (In Finnish, score 7/10)

Inferno (In Finnish, score 3/5)

Metal Temple (In English, score 8/10)

True Metal Lives (In English, score 8/10)

Stormbringer.at (In German, score 3/5)

Eternal Terror (In English, score 4/6)

Metal Imperium (In Spanish, score 8/10)

Behind The Veil (In English, score 7,5/10)

Metalglory (In German, score 8/10)

Crimson Day (EP)

Soundi (In Finnish)

Kaaoszine (In Finnish, score 8/10)

Heavy Metal Time Machine (In English)


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My Last Rites

BEASTS OF PREY - Single with new vocalist, Lassi.

BLESSED BE THY HATE - A music video of a song from Order Of The Shadows album.

SANDSTALKER - A music video of a song from Order Of The Shadows album.

BLOOD OF HEROES - A lyric video of the 3rd track of our debut EP.

ON THE WINGS OF RAVEN - A home made music video of a song recorded in MSTR studio with Jussi Kulomaa in June 2013.